Good Medical Transcription Proves a Great Stress Reliever

Good Medical Transcription Proves a Great Stress Reliever

The manager overseeing four medical clinics contacted MOS Medical Transcription Services for medical transcription services. She had utilized transcription services in the past and wanted to introduce the clinics to the concept. Our experience in the field stood by us. We met their requirements and even exceeded expectations.


The physicians were nervous and resistant to change. They were uncomfortable with the existing system and also not sure whether the new one would work for them. They needed to receive their transcription in a timely fashion and get their patient treatment history and other important information immediately.


We started out with one clinic. As a full-service medical transcription firm, we could provide them with a prompt and full range of transcription services for all their medical specialties. This included:

  • Dictation via digital recorder or toll-free number
  • Solutions for document distribution and storage
  • Transcription of comprehensive history and physical examination details of patients
  • Transcription of physicians’ and nurses’ notes

Our digital transcription mode proved extremely effective and efficient for managing their increasing workload. Speed was a big advantage. Dictation could be e-mailed to our transcription team within minutes from anywhere. Office-based physicians simply uploaded their dictations to the secure FTP server we set up.

We set up a quality assurance time and proceeded to start the project under the supervision of a specially assigned project manager. The team put on their project was faultless in their ability to transcribe. Our quality assurance supervisor and language specialists took care of quality, so that the transcribed files had accuracy levels of up to 99%!

Most important, we could provide professional and complete transcription solutions within their required time-frame and budget. Having the notes returned electronically in less than the expected and guaranteed 24 hours is terrific and also a stress reliever for the client. It became easy for the physicians to track down their patients’ charts as it was all available online. All transcribed notes right from the patient’s first visit were available at the click of the mouse. This was especially useful in the case of patients who saw two or three physicians in the clinic during a single day.

They told us they would be also happy to experiment with our different plans (based on turnaround time, format required, type of transcription, and quality of the audio) so that they could find the one that best suited their needs. We were sensitive to their requirements and that helped to build a great client-vendor relationship.


We proved that we could provide a stress-free solution to their dictation needs. Our medical transcription solutions and personalized approach impressed them so much that a month later they wanted MOS Medical Transcription Services to do the remaining 3 clinics!

MOS Medical Transcription Services transcribes for medicine and legal. We have a long history of success with customers from 9 years ago.