Medical Transcription for a Physical Therapy Clinic

Medical Transcription for a Physical Therapy Clinic

MOS Medical Transcription Services feels fortunate to have numerous medical transcription teams with experience in close to 30 different specialties which makes us a smart solution for medical transcription.

We were contacted recently by a physical therapy clinic with six therapists in need of help with their transcription. As they were losing their in-house transcriptionist, they needed a solution, and quickly. They were searching around to gather information regarding outsourcing, dictating by phone and getting started quickly. They were also looking to have an online system where they could have all files located so they could make changes, e-sign, and fax to referring physicians etc.

MOS Medical Transcription Services quickly put the wheels in motion to have them set up with our file management system, through our partnership with WebChartMD. We needed toll free numbers for each therapist and training set up for their entire office staff; as well as installing WebChartMD on each computer in the clinic. We were able to get this all accomplished within the first week and we started typing right away.

We put together a “best practices memo” for the therapists to use while dictating which also helped them in getting used to dictating my phone. My favorite part of the best practices memo is:

“Please do not worry about punctuating dictation. A good transcriptionist will generally be able to punctuate without doctor dictating the punctuation, but if doctor prefer to give punctuation then do make sure you give it all!”

We pride ourselves in happy clients; and this turned out very well, we unfortunately no longer work as much with this client as they have installed a new EMR system but we remain available in case they need us for backup.

Parting words from our client as they moved on….

“I would like to tell you how very much we have appreciated the services of MOS Medical Transcription Services. When we came on board your staff stepped up and we barely skipped a beat in our transcription! Dictation was a breeze with the 800#! Next to having our own EMR system (and loving it!) you guys are the best!

Thank you so much for your patient support. I will miss our chats! Babz”

We wish them the best!