Medical Transcription Completed on Time and without Errors

Medical Transcription Completed on Time and without Errors


Two chiropractors sharing office needed help with transcribing handwritten notes. It seemed like an easy job to us from the sound of it. However, the handwriting was quite difficult to decipher. The doctors also had some dictations recorded on a Dictaphone, which they wanted us to transcribe in the correct format. We were determined to meet the challenge on time.


The handwritten transcriptions were scanned and sent to us. Our medical transcription experts took a lot of effort to ensure that the quality of the writing was intact. They did a lot of research using online references and resources to verify that their transcription matched up with what the doctor’s handwritten notes were trying to convey.


The doctors were very happy with our recorder services. They were also pleased that we deciphered the handwritten and dictated information quickly and accurately and delivered the transcripts to them on time.