Cost-effective Charting Tracking Solution for New York Doctor

Cost-effective Charting Tracking Solution for New York Doctor


MOS Medical Transcription Services , a MOS company, provides comprehensive and customized medical transcription solutions. We were approached by a New York-based clinical instructor at the Department of Medicine who specialized in endocrinology.

The Challenge

The client was struggling to keep up with the schedule in his charting. He came to know of us through one of his contacts. After approaching us he was happy with our pricing and the turnaround time we offered. He was particularly impressed with the cloud system we used for file dictation.

The Solution

We could provide our client with a cost-effective manner to keep track of charting including cloud usage. It helped save on buying a digital recorder. We trained the client in cloud usage several times till he could work on his own. Though it took some time to get used to it, the client could fit the pin number renting and our pricing well within his budget. We also provided a turnaround time of 24 hours.

The Result

The client was very happy with the services we provided, particularly the quality and the short turnaround time. He could now catch up and maintain his notes and charts at greater speed. Our services also fitted within his budget perfectly, and our project ended with a very satisfied client. He was with us till May 2013, after nearly one and a half years with us starting September 2011.