How To Document Pain Assessment

Pain Assessment

Pain affects more than 100 million Americans and costs more than $600 billion annually, according to a new study published in Pain Physician. Reports from The American Academy of Pain Medicine indicate that the financial impact of chronic pain on the US economy is
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Key Tips To Write Open Clinical Notes [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Open Clinical Notes

In any medical practice, sharing open notes benefits both patients and clinicians. Professional medical transcription companies can help healthcare providers to create different types of clinical notes such as consultation, discharge summary, procedure notes, progress notes, history and physical, imaging narratives, laboratory report narratives and
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Strategies To Grow Your Medical Practice

Medical Practice

Starting a medical practice and growing it is a daunting task, more so in these challenging times. A medical practice is a business like any other and physicians have to play many additional roles, such as entrepreneur, manager and CEO. Attracting new patients and
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Is Medical Transcription Still Relevant In 2022?

Medical Transcription Still Relevant In 2022

Medical transcription has undergone tremendous changes over the years. The introduction of the EHR system made a huge impact on medical transcription and many believed that medical transcription would fade away with time. While the adoption of EHR promised substantial benefits to both healthcare
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Speech And Voice Recognition Market Predicted To Expand Rapidly

Speech And Voice Recognition

Many industries use speech recognition technology to convert spoken audio into text. Speech recognition devices have the capability to respond to voice commands and transcribe audio recordings into reports quickly and efficiently. Physicians use the technology to transform dictation into text in real-time during
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