What Are the Common Errors in Medical Documentation?

Medical Documentation

In healthcare companies, the value of complete and accurate medical records has always been recognized. Medical records give physicians a complete picture of a patient’s medical history so they have everything they need to know when diagnosing or treating a patient. The patient’s health is
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How do Medical Transcription Services help Therapists Maintain Good Clinical Documentation?

Clinical Documentation

Clinical documentation is the capture of clinical information at the patient encounter. Clear, accurate, consistent, complete, timely, and legible clinical documentation is necessary to reflect the patient’s condition and provide evidence that the care rendered was meaningful and medically necessary. Behavioral health providers, for instance,
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Best Practices for HIPAA Compliant Email Communication

HIPAA Compliant

Today’s technologies have made physician-patient communication easier than ever before. Email communication is a reliable way for healthcare providers to connect with their patients, colleagues, and other offices. When using email to transmit protected health information (PHI), organizations need protect against breaches. The Health
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How Automation can Support Small Medical Practices

Small Medical Practices

Automation has disrupted many industries, and improved productivity by doing away with tasks that involve a high level of physical work and repetitive tasks. Healthcare is also benefiting from automation. One of the most common examples of automation in healthcare the development of voice
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How to Avoid Physician Burnout by Outsourcing Medical Transcription

Physician Burnout

Physician burnout, also referred to as “physician fatigue”, is a state of emotional, mental, and physical exhaustion caused by long-term involvement in repetitive and emotionally demanding situations. Physician burnout has an impact on not just their work performance but also the quality of treatment
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