Orthopedic Transcription Backlog Fixed in Just a Few Days

Orthopedic Transcription Backlog Fixed in Just a Few Days


Owing to a resource crunch, the company’s existing orthopedic transcription team could not meet the rising demand. Even after outsourcing to a local medical transcription service provider, there was no improvement in the situation. The transcribed files were often in the wrong format, not completely accurate and generally of a poor quality. The files were also not being delivered promptly as per the turnaround requirements. The company’s backlog situation was getting worse and the front office manager was desperate to get things back to normal.


MOS Medical Transcription Services (MTS) first offered the company a free trial for them to get an idea of our service quality. However, the company declined because of their worrying situation and they asked us to get started right away. We agreed immediately and showed them a couple of our templates. We got our senior staff working on the project on a war footing. We made sure we made the necessary changes as per the feedback we got from the client. We also adopted three step and stringent quality control protocols.


We were able to complete one month’s backlog in just a matter of days. The company was very pleased with our service as they were now up-to-date. What’s more, though they never expected it, they were able to cut transcription expenses by 30 percent.