HIPAA-compliant Medical Transcription Service for Orthopedic Group

HIPAA-compliant Medical Transcription Service for Orthopedic Group


MOS Medical Transcription Services (MTS) is an MOS company offering reliable and cost-effective medical transcription services. Our client, an orthopedic group, specializes in sports related injuries at the Chicago Institute of Orthopedics (CIOO). The CIOO, though a multidisciplinary practice, focuses on musculoskeletal medicine and has the technology and staff to deal with all kinds of orthopedic concerns.

The Challenge

The orthopedic group was carrying out all its transcription in-house, which started to take its toll on their resources and manpower as their business began growing. The quality of the transcription began declining, and that’s when they thought of outsourcing to MOS Medical Transcription Services .

The Solution

Our free trial impressed the client a lot, particularly with the quality and the promptness of the work. He signed up for our services and we met all his expectations including the turnaround time of 24 hours.

For the sake of efficiency we used tipplets – pre-formed sets of words that the client regularly uses – to enable transcribers to type faster. They only needed to use these tipplets rather than typing the whole word or phrase. This enabled us to work faster without compromising on efficiency. While the client used digital records for dictating the files, we sent back the transcribed files through our online file management system in compliance with HIPAA. Our services were also well within his budget.

The Result

The client has always been happy with our services in the nearly three and half years he was with us. He is continuing to use our services. Specifically, the factors that impressed him were our accuracy, promptness, cost-effectiveness and customer care. The client also appreciated our good customer care service which quickly resends any work when he has them misplaced. Our services have exceeded their expectations. We expect the client to continue to use our services.