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What Are The Clinical Components Of Dental Records?

Keeping an accurate patient record is a very important requirement in dental practices. The records are a reflection of the quality of service provided by a dentist. It gives a clear picture of what care has been given to the … Continue reading

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Maintaining Accurate Electronic Dental Record (EDRs) – Critical Considerations

The electronic dental record (EDR) also known as the electronic oral health record is an electronic health record (EHR). The American Dental Association (ADA) defines the EDR as “a combination of processes and data structures, used by dentists, for purposes … Continue reading

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Why Dentists Should Choose Medical Transcription Over Speech Recognition

Keeping accurate and clean patient records and managing them efficiently is important for dentists to provide optimal care to their patients. With EHR system, healthcare practitioners are struggling to draft patient records and the same applies to dentists too. They … Continue reading

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