Major Clinical Components of Dental Records [INFOGRAPHIC]

Medical records are essential documents that provide details about the patient’s history, clinical findings, results of laboratory tests, pre- and postoperative care and more. Like any other specialty, dental practices should also maintain accurate patient records that reflect the quality of service provided and how the treatment plan is progressing. Professional dentistry transcription services can help practices maintain reliable patient records.

Dental records include all details such as – medical history, diagnostic information, clinical notes, treatment plan, and patient-related communications that occur in the dentist office, including instructions for home care, consent to treatment, and financial information. All this information may be used to analyze the quality of care received and to effectively plan therapy in the future. Well managed records serves as a channel for communication between the treating practitioner and other oral health care experts or clinicians who may be assigned to that patient. Dental records should include enough information for another practitioner to comprehend the patient’s visit to the practice.


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Dental Records

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