Dos And Don’ts Of Managing Clinical Records [INFOGRAPHIC]

 Clinical Records

Medical records are a fundamental element in the provision of patient care. Good clinical records aid – coordination and continuity of care, and informed decision making for patient management. It can also improve availability of data for malpractice litigation. Patient records should be updated at

How To Finish Patient Visit Documentation In Time [INFOGRAPHIC]

Patient Visit Documentation

Even though EHRs have made charting more complete and reliable, it is also time-consuming for providers. To ensure proper documentation along with provision of quality care, and to prevent stress and burnout, practices can consider optimizing systems and processes. Medical records contain diverse details such

9 Best Tips To Document Radiology Reports [INFOGRAPHIC]

Radiology Reports

To generate accurate radiology reports, most practices are now considering radiology transcription services from reliable companies. Radiology reports mostly include chronic incidental findings, the diagnosis or differential diagnosis, the clinical implications of radiologic findings, and any chronic findings that need additional workup or surgical intervention,

10 Best Reference Materials For Medical Transcriptionists [INFOGRAPHIC]

Medical Transcriptionists

To perform their job well, medical transcriptionists must be well-versed in preparing medical reports. Accurate transcripts of patient treatment recordings are necessary for all specialties to document patients’ medical history, provide quality care, take the best treatment decisions, for proper documentation and to receive prompt

Major Benefits Of Adopting A Specialty EHR [INFOGRAPHIC]


Electronic health record (EHRs) requirements vary across specialties and every medical practice aims to achieve accurate and thorough EHR documentation. Electronic health records (EHRs) have vastly improved patient care coordination and delivery. Practices can now implement a medical specialty-specific EHR. Specialty EHRs are flexible and