10 Best Reference Materials For Medical Transcriptionists [INFOGRAPHIC]

To perform their job well, medical transcriptionists must be well-versed in preparing medical reports. Accurate transcripts of patient treatment recordings are necessary for all specialties to document patients’ medical history, provide quality care, take the best treatment decisions, for proper documentation and to receive prompt reimbursement. Even a single error in the reports could impact treatment decisions. Professional medical transcription companies provide regular training to keep staff up to date and current.

Medical reference materials such as dictionaries, medical books, drug reference books, medical specialty word books and English language dictionaries can help transcribers figure out the exact terminologies and words in the recording and generate accurate transcripts. Both fresh and experienced medical transcriptionists can use these references to build their career. Online resources such as OneLook, Transcription Gear, Drugs.com, and Healthy Computing can help them get familiar with medical words, phrases, acronyms or abbreviation related to medical transcription in different specialties. Experienced medical transcription service companies have professionals skilled transcribing all types of medical reports including medical history, physical examination reports, operative reports, discharge summaries, emergency room reports, chart notes, medical evaluations, and more.

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Medical Transcriptionists

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