Rheumatology Transcription

Perspectives on Patient Access to Medical Records in Rheumatology

Table of ContentsBenefits of Personal Health RecordsPatient Access to Medical Records in RheumatologyBenefits for PatientsChallenges and ConsiderationsBest Practices for Implementing Patient Access to the Medical Record With the digitalization of medical records, electronic health records (EHRs) have become the primary … Continue reading

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Nurses and PAs Can Ease Rheumatology Workforce Shortage

A workforce study of rheumatology in the U.S. was conducted recently and it was revealed that the high demand for rheumatology services will cause a shortage of rheumatologists in the next several decades. A group of American researchers administered a … Continue reading

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Rheumatology Transcription Service Can Save Time and Costs

Rheumatology transcription service is useful in saving time and money through managing the documents related to diagnostic and treatment of rheumatics. Continue reading

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