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Pediatric Documentation for ICD-10

Being a specialty that already has a low financial margin, pediatric practices must ensure increased specificity in the documentation of their findings to avoid financial setback just after ICD-10 implementation. If pediatricians continue to follow the same documentation practice they have been … Continue reading

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Documentation Errors Affect Pediatric Patient Safety

Accurate pediatric documentation is not only essential for effective care and treatment for the child, but also plays a significant role in ensuring patient safety. A UK based study identified different types of pediatric safety incidents and found documentation-related errors … Continue reading

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Acrostic for Quality Pediatric Post-take Ward Rounds Documentation

It is very important to maintain quality and accuracy when documenting pediatric post-take ward rounds (PTWR) since care is evaluated, and coordinated care plans are formulated during this time. This documentation task often left to junior doctors is quite challenging … Continue reading

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EHR for Reducing Hospital-acquired Infections in Pediatric Care

A complete and accurate reporting of all hospital-acquired infections (HAIs) is critical in pediatric care as HAIs are associated with longer hospital stays, longer ventilation times, increased cost and adverse neuro-developmental outcomes in children. Electronic health records or EHRs are … Continue reading

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Pediatrics Transcription Service

Medical transcription companies provide quality pediatric transcription service utilizing the most recent technologies. Continue reading

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