Pathology Transcription

Importance of Interface between Practice EMR and Pathology LIS

Every day, pathologists and other laboratory professionals work with primary care physicians as well as specialists and utilize laboratory testing to find or rule out diseases and conditions. These laboratory experts help physicians make critical decisions about treatment for cancer, … Continue reading

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Important Benefits of a Digital Pathology Environment

The implementation of digitized medical record systems or electronic health records (EHRs) across the US has put patient information at the physician’s fingertips. US based medical transcription services play a key role in ensuring precise and timely EHR documentation. Even … Continue reading

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How to Prevent Pathology Documentation Errors

A pathology report is an important document that guides diagnostic and prognostic decisions. Accurate documentation of pathology reports is therefore very critical to provide appropriate and high quality patient care. Incomplete and inaccurate pathology reports can have a negative impact on patient … Continue reading

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Need for a Patient-centric Approach When Writing Pathology Reports

Patient-centered care (sharing the management of an illness between the patient and the doctor) in general is very important for effective healthcare as it will increase adherence to management protocols, reduce morbidity and improve the quality of life of patients. … Continue reading

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How to Find a Good Pathology Transcription Service Provider

Tips for selecting a good pathology transcription service provider. HIPAA compliance pathology transcription service increase productivity. Continue reading

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Pathology Transcription Service

Today, there are many competent pathology transcription service providers who address the pathology transcription needs of the healthcare industry. This includes healthcare professionals and healthcare facilities. Pathology transcription service incorporates the generation of electronic medical reports from dictated or voice … Continue reading

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