Nursing Transcription

What Should Be Included In Nursing Documentation?

Nurses work demanding shifts and managing documentation can be a phenomenal task. Keeping accurate and timely nursing records is essential for communication among all members of the patient’s healthcare team and to support the delivery of safe, appropriate and continuous … Continue reading

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Good Documentation Practices to Ensure Quality Nursing Care

Accurate and comprehensive nursing documentation is critical to provide superior quality care to patients. Quality care can be ensured with excellent team effort. Nursing charts should be easily accessible to physicians and other clinicians to help them understand the status … Continue reading

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Common Nurse Charting Mistakes and the Role of EHR Transcription

Accurate record keeping and careful documentation are an integral part of efficient nursing practice. However, mistakes may happen while attending several cases a day and documenting the details of each patient quickly. Even though electronic health records (EHR) offer an opportunity to document such details easily with pre-filled templates and fields, there is a great chance to make errors. Continue reading

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