Chiropractic transcription

How to Prevent Common Chiropractic Transcription Mistakes

Chiropractors often encounter various challenges when it comes to transcription. The specialized terminology, intricate details of patient care, and time constraints make accurate and efficient transcription a demanding task. The risk of errors in transcribing chiropractic notes can lead to … Continue reading

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Major Chiropractic Documentation Requirements for Medicare

Chiropractors should understand the major chiropractic documentation requirements for Medicare as Medicare Part B covers chiropractic care under very limited circumstances such as: the treatment must be medically necessary while formally prescribed by a physician and the care must be provided by a Medicare-certified chiropractor. Coverage is given only to chiropractic treatment that involves the manipulation of the spine in order to correct a subluxation (a bone that is out of position in the spine). Though Medicare Part C Medicare Advantage managed care plan may cover slightly broader chiropractic treatment than Part B, a chiropractic service provided would be reimbursable through Medicare only if the documentation shows clinical necessity for that service. Continue reading

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