Telemedicine Services Help to Reduce Hospital and Urgent Care Visits

Telemedicine Services Reduces Hospital VisitTelemedicine transcription is one of the services provided by medical transcription companies and providers increasingly use this service with the growing popularity of telemedicine. What are the main objectives of telemedicine services? They aim to replace or equal traditional face-to-face consultations, clinic visits and visiting nurses; provide better care in areas where the quality of healthcare is not up to the mark; and save costs.

Radiology specialty is a heavy user of telemedicine, and altogether 50 medical subspecialties including ophthalmology, psychiatry, pathology, cardiology and dermatology use this innovative treatment mode mainly to improve their reach, accessibility and quality of care. Teleradiology is used to electronically transmit X-rays, MRI and CT scans and other images to providers in other locations for evaluation and assessment. Transcription or documentation of telemedicine/remote consultation in an accurate and timely manner is vital to facilitate improved communication with other providers, and co-ordination of care.

A Way to Address the Overflowing Emergency Room Concern

Millions of Americans visit emergency rooms for their medical problems without health insurance coverage, whether emergency or not. In America, healthcare is one of the most complex and debated issues and many people do not have insurance coverage in order to access proper medical care within their budget. The major problem in this regard is that the emergency room and urgent care type rooms become flooded with patients who need care but do not have insurance. Overflowing of patients in emergency room leads to overtime work for medical staffs and poor quality care for patients. Healthcare providers often have a long waiting list of patients and the emergency rooms are filled with patients who do not require emergency treatment.

Telemedicine is a practical solution for this major concern healthcare providers have, and allows patients to avail of quality consultations, electronic house calls, testing, diagnosis and treatments.

  • With telemedicine, patients and providers are connected through an integrated, global healthcare system.
  • It enables better diagnoses and treatments because comprehensive digital data is available to practitioners online and offline.
  • Automated, active monitoring equipment provide constant connectivity between provider and patient. As a result, follow-ups and monitoring patients becomes easier and more efficient.
  • Patients in remote and under-served areas gain access to world-class medical services without travelling to another location.
  • Patients can obtain medical recommendations and treatment from leading medical specialists.
  • Patients can save on their travel expenses, unnecessary hospital visits, cost of medicines and expensive healthcare.

Telemedicine can be delivered via the following methods.

  • Patients and providers can be connected over private networks – directly or through an independent practitioner who acts as a mediator.
  • Patients can be connected to a specific care provider via tele-videoconferencing for a real time consultation over a home connection.
  • Specialized tele-monitoring systems can be used for active tele-monitoring of housebound patients.
  • Telemedicine and patient care services can be provided directly via web-based systems.

Online Doctor Visit – an Innovative Telemedicine Program

Telemedicine Services Reduces Hospital VisitA good example of a telemedicine service is the program offered by Online Doctor Visit, a provider of telemedicine services and online doctor consultations. Patients can speak to a certified, licensed physician without wasting their time in the waiting room. It provides a new opportunity for Americans to consult their doctors with the help of technology that exist in almost all US households. Through online video chat using computer, laptop or any such devices, Online Doctor Visit’s progressive telemedicine program helps people with or without health insurance a very affordable way to obtain medical attention from experienced doctors. This new system takes very less time than face-to-face consultation. It can help reduce the overflow of patients in emergency rooms, relieving the stress of emergency medical professionals while ensuring quality and timely care to patients.

In the medical field, time is of utmost value. Any reliable solution that can save valuable time and unnecessary stress for healthcare providers is a welcome option. This is something that reliable providers of medical transcription services also strive to provide by speeding up the process of medical documentation, which is the basis of ensuring excellent care. Physicians can easily dictate their notes as they are used to doing, send them to a good medical transcription company and receive accurate transcripts. Now with the introduction of EHR, transcription services use HL- 7 interface to provide EHR-integrated medical transcription to healthcare providers.