Telemedicine Clinics to Come Up All Over Georgia

Advancements in teleconferencing has brought about new possibilities in the field of medicine. One such plan recently announced by the public health commissioner of the state of Georgia reveals their intent to open telemedicine clinics in every public health center, depending upon the availability of grant money.

They hope the telemedicine clinics will be a regular feature all over the state in a few years and are budgeted at $20,000 each. The Georgia Department of Public Health (GDPH) is applying for grant money. All the existing public health departments were provided with the infrastructural requirements for active teleconferencing as 2012 came to a close. GDPH reports that around 15 sites were regularly using teleconferencing system even earlier that year.

Just a few more steps remain to complete the process such as installing some technical bits of the telemedicine package, sensors, exam cameras, endoscopes and stethoscopes.

Such moves are an indication of the indispensability of technology in modern healthcare. These steps are always welcome, since they will help improve access to quality healthcare, especially in rural areas.

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