Technological Advancements Help Build an Effective Healthcare Eco System

technological advancements help build an effective healthcare eco system

Integration of medical transcription service and EHR helps physicians focus more on providing better patient care. Improving patient care has become a priority for all health care providers with the overall objective of achieving a high degree of patient satisfaction. Health facilities often struggle to provide the rapid emergency care to the patients. Common causes include inadequate or unhygienic infrastructure; lack of competent, motivated staff; lack of availability or poor quality of medicines; poor compliance to evidence-based clinical interventions and practices; and poor documentation and use of information. Healthcare providers need to focus on delivering high-quality healthcare and fostering patient safety in order to create a positive patient experience.

To serve better, healthcare industry has introduced various apps. Medical apps and additions of smart phones have transformed the medical industry and there is nothing that is not possible with a smart phone. Today everyone has access to smart phones and with every year its usage is increasing drastically. This has led to the emergence of apps that help in booking appointments, setting medication reminders etc. This greatly helps people living in remote areas.

KnowDi is a healthcare app that serves as one stop solution for patients as well as doctors. It has been developed with a deep understanding and it is a collaborative healthcare ecosystem that keeps the patient at the centre while benefiting the entire ecosystem. KnowDi is a centralized healthcare platform that connects all the important components of the ecosystem – patients, doctors, hospitals, labs and pharmacies.

This app incorporates all stakeholders in the value chain and also serves a complete solution for patients. Patients can benefit from all kinds of services such as doctor appointments, delivery of medicines, diagnostic tests, or managing their medical history. They also offer Ayurvedic doctors as an alternative method of healthcare. Another feature of KnowDi is that it provides data management system. One of the biggest keys to successful outcomes in healthcare is access to complete and comprehensive medical data that is lacking at the present. The entire platform is built in such a way that it helps patients to store and manage their medical history in a secure and confidential manner.

A secure database for medical history

KnowDi has a special and highly secure database where patients can store their medical data including diagnostic tests, prescriptions for medication, X-rays, doctors’ diagnoses etc. When a patient books an appointment through the app, the doctor can get access to the patient medical history, only if the patient decides to give access via the app. Having access to medical history helps physicians to provide the right treatment plan to the patients.

KnowDi also aims at expanding the customer base of local businesses like chemists. They have a hyper-local delivery model and patients get medicines from pharmacies that are located within 2 km of their home. KnowDi app has already tied up with 22 hospitals and more than 50 pharmacies with over 750 physicians. With the data management tools, doctors can access the comprehensive medical history of the patient at the click of a button, making accurate and timely diagnosis much easier. The app also provides real-time monitoring of patients.

Physicians often overwork and get pulled in many directions. So physicians must be equipped with right tools for streamlined processes. Smartphones and medical apps help both patients and doctors to coordinate better and work towards creating a better healthcare eco system. Today many healthcare organizations are utilizing EHR-integrated medical transcription services for timely and accurate medical documentation. Medical transcription companies offer customized services at affordable rates and also help physicians and other healthcare professionals to focus more on providing quality patient care and service.

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