Neurosurgery Transcription Service

As is the importance of surgery in the medical field, so is the importance of neurosurgery transcription in the healthcare back office. Transcription services help physicians spend less time on paperwork and more time with their patients.

Currently, the growing need for neurosurgery transcription service is met by various medical transcription companies. These providers assist various clinics, hospitals, physicians, and several healthcare centers in transcribing various medical records including history and physical reports, consultation reports, disability reports, preoperative diagnosis reports, postoperative diagnosis reports, emergency room reports, clinic notes, chart notes, laboratory reports, and discharge summaries.

Meets Specific and Individual Transcription Requirements

Today’s leading transcription service providers render error-free transcription service with the support of a highly experienced team of medical professionals including transcriptionists, proofreaders, editors, and quality analysts. They make use of the most modern technologies (including advanced toll-free phone dictation system and digital hand held recorders), and techniques incorporating sophisticated software and hardware to deliver a cost-effective transcription solution. For security and confidentiality, they utilize 256 bit AES encryption software, and EMR interface capabilities.

Provides a Viable and Excellent Neurosurgery Transcription Service

These transcriptionists transcribe the audio files in any format into electronic format such as Microsoft Word, RTF, Text, HL-7, HTML, and XML. The transcribed files are returned via secured e-mail, FTP, direct modem or fax.

By availing of neurosurgery transcription service from quality providers, you can achieve

•    A high accuracy level for transcriptions
•    Fast turnaround time at competitive pricing
•    HIPAA compliance
•    HL7 transcription interface
•    Competent customer support
•    Three levels of quality control
•    Multiple file transfer options
•    Electronic file record management

When you need the help of a neurosurgery transcription service provider, try to choose a company, the services of which would suit your budget and deadlines.