Neurosurgery Transcription Service

A leading medical transcription company in the U.S., MOS Medical Transcription Services is dedicated to providing reliable and timely HIPAA-compliant neurosurgery transcription services for healthcare facilities and individual and group practices. Our professional team can provide comprehensive support for entire your neurosurgery transcription process.

Long-term industry experience allows us to provide accurate transcripts of your dictations that will help you provide quality care and ensure patient safety. Our medical transcription services are also competitively priced and can help save 40% on your costs.

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Reliable Neurosurgery Reports

Our medical transcriptionists are well-versed in the terminology and jargon related to the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of neurological diseases and disorders treated by neurosurgeons. They can provide accurately transcribed operative and emergency room neurology reports relating to

  • Brain tumors
  • Neurovascular diseases
  • Pituitary tumors
  • Cranial base diseases
  • Spine and peripheral nerve disorders
  • Pediatric and developmental disorders
  • Trigeminal neuralgia
  • Functional and genetic neurological disorders
  • Trauma, emergency, intensive care, and general neurosurgery

We support various dictation formats including WMV, MPG, AVI, MOV, ASF, ASX, RM, SWF, DIC, WMA and MP3. We also have safe options for file transfer such as browser-based drop box, secure FTP or delivery to your EMR system or other software system.

To improve the quality of the transcribed neurosurgical reports, they are subjected to three levels of quality checking. All transcribed files are sent in an encrypted format and stringent security measures are implemented at every stage of the work process in accordance with HIPAA regulations.

Service Benefits

  • Flexible dictation options – digital dictation machines, toll free number, secure cell phone dictation, conference call recording
  • Customized turnaround time (anywhere from 24 hours or less, according to the need of each physician)
  • Assured accuracy rate of 99% with good audio
  • All documents are scanned using electronic medical dictionaries
  • No long-term yearly contracts

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