‘Lean’ Strategies Working to Enhance Healthcare

Medical Transcription ServicesAccording to a study published in JAMA magazine, hospitals can improve patient care by implement management strategies adopted by the manufacturing sector. Based on a sample of nearly 600 cardiac units, the researchers found that utilizing manufacturing management tactics similar to Toyota’s Lean initiatives led to improved process-of-care steps and lower 30-day mortality rates. Hospitals would benefit greatly by implementing organizational measures and management systems that enable and promote high-quality health care without having to spend too much, say these experts.

In fact, ‘Lean’ manufacturing techniques are helping many hospitals across the U.S. by helping to identify and eliminate unnecessary processes that are not related to patient care. For instance, at the Virginia Mason Medical Center in Seattle, work processes have been streamlined to eliminate waste, lower patient costs, and enhance care. Unnecessary tests and procedures that drive up employers’ health costs have been identified and eliminated. Work flow has been redesigned to ensure that physicians and nurses had more time for patients. Nurses work together as teams located in small rooms close to each other. This has led to better communication between the physicians and the nurses as well as among the nurses. Improved coordination of activities has resulted in enhanced, faster, and more affordable care.

In many manufacturing companies, back office tasks are outsourced to save time and resources, and cut investment and operational costs. Hospitals can also enjoy these benefits if they outsourced back office tasks such as medical transcription which, when performed in-house, consumes valuable time and money. Outsourcing to a professional medical transcription company can ensure efficiency in documentation processes, allowing physicians to provide better care. Outsourcing transcription tasks also ensures saving in time and money. By relying on quality medical transcription services, healthcare providers can enhance their ability to provide better patient care, ultimately leading to increased cash flow and an enhanced reputation.