Expanding Role for Teledermatology in Healthcare

Communications technology has improved operations in every industry including healthcare. Teledermatology is growing in importance in skincare clinics and hospitals, allowing patients and physicians to directly communicate with each other for consults and treatment. Telecommunication, imaging and videoconferencing facilitate prompt and efficient patient care.

There are two approaches to teledermatologic communication: store-and-forward and live-interactive. In store-and-forward, time and place are not significant and images and clinical information are transferred between the patient and physician via the Internet or satellite. As the term implies, in live-interactive teledermatology, a real-time video conferencing link allows physicians to conduct skin examinations using high quality video cameras. Teledermatology offers many benefits:

  • Minimizes travel for the consulting physician
  • Reduces prolonged waiting time for the patient
  • Reduces treatment cost
  • Helps in minimizing follow-up visits
  • Helps in delivering healthcare services in remote geographic areas

Documenting these teledermatology encounters is an important part of patient care. Leading medical transcription companies have a team of experienced professionals to provide medical transcription services for all branches of dermatology including teledermatology. They ease the documentation work of physicians, allowing them to focus on their teledermatology operations and ensuring many other benefits such as:

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