Dermatology Transcription Service

Dermatology transcription service involves the process of converting voice-recorded reports of dermatologists into text format. These services find great use in medical facilities including clinics, hospitals, individual practices, physician’s groups and healthcare facilities due to the sheer volume of hospital records and documents.

Role of Transcriptionists

Dermatology transcription services are offered by transcriptionists well-versed in medical terminology, especially in the field of dermatology. These people are skilled in transcribing medical reports and records including physical reports, patient history, patient progress reports, peer reviews, independent medical evaluation, general correspondence and consultations.

Innovative Technology for Proper Transcription

To avoid faulty transcriptions, most of the dermatology transcription service providers make use of digital dictation machines and toll free telephone lines. With these facilities, the clients can either log into the company’s FTP server and upload their files, or directly dictate the medical reports through phone line. The transcribed files are sent via FTP (File Transfer Protocol) or as browser based 256 bit AES encrypted files.

Key Features of Dermatology Transcription Service

As reputation, trustworthiness and reliability issues matter a lot in the field, most of the medical transcription companies take care to provide quality services to gain more credibility among their clients. They come with better service features including:

  • HIPAA compliant transcription practices
  • Flexible dictation options
  • Guaranteed accuracy & three levels of quality control
  • Fast turnaround time
  • High level of accuracy
  • Security and confidentiality

The demand for this service in the medical industry has been increasing due to the effectiveness of the system. You can expect further developments in dermatology transcription service industry which greatly depends on certain contributing factors such as technological advancements, regulations and needs.