CMS EHR Incentives Exceed 5 Billion Dollars

CMS (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid services) Medicaid and Medicare EHR payments to 93, 650 hospitals and physicians in complete program approximations through April have exceeded 5 billion dollars. According to a CMS official, the closing figures would become available later in May. Robert Anthony, an expert in CMS’ Office of eHealth Standards and Services revealed that the agency provided $568 million total to both Medicaid and Medicare providers in April alone, as per initial estimates.

Encouraging Figures

Pleased by the numbers, The National Health IT co-ordinator Mr. Farzad Mostashari said “It’s hard in a nation as large and complex as ours not to look at these strong numbers and not feel encouraged that the combination of policies, programs and, importantly, the effects of the really hard work at the state level and by hospitals and by eligible professionals have translated into a tremendous effort, will and execution on the part of the country.”

Combine EHR with Suitable Medical Transcription

Implementing EHR doesn’t mean that you need to do away with transcription. Physicians can utilize dictation-transcription as a means of maintaining narrative reports, tagging it with the EHR system. Using the services of one of the many capable medical transcription outsourcing companies will save physicians the time and effort required to document those details. As a physician or owner of a healthcare practice, your objective should be to combine electronic health records with a dictation-transcription solution that provides a more affordable and practical means of documenting a patient’s full story.