Cloud-based EHR Transcription Entering New Dimensions

Cloud-based EHR TranscriptionCloud-based medical transcription services have technically been around ever since the development of this field, as this blog reveals. But the move towards electronic health records has altered the environment slightly. The complexities of EHR transcription make comprehensive cloud-based medical documentation pretty useful for practices.

What is needed is a flexible and secure platform for accommodating various clinical documentation requirements and workflows to serve the needs of hospitals and practices. The technology must be cost-effective and centralized to ensure better performance and security.

Cloud-based Medical Documentation

Cloud-based solutions have now advanced and expanded to include comprehensive and complex solutions for physicians and practices. Physicians can now be provided with real-time assistance in EHR management to reduce the time and effort spent on it. Efficient cloud-based services have developed into HIPAA-compliant service centers with medically trained staff.

Practices can make use of these staff members based on their expertise and requirements to deal with their EHR. The outsourcing of EHR responsibilities usually happens before or during a patient visit. This helps the physician focus on examining the patient rather than filling the EHR. These real-time cloud-based EHR services, including filling in the prescriptions and drop-down boxes, also offer cloud-based medical transcription.

Real-time Documentation Outsourcing

This EHR outsourcing is also done through live sessions in which the physician’s assessment of the patient, his diagnosis and treatment plan, and prescription information are entered. The physician and the outsourced team can share screens and communicate in real-time through chat or voice. This obviously helps in transcription too since the real time medical data is being recorded and the same service provider can handle transcription too.

Cloud-based systems such as these significantly reduce the strain on doctors and help them perform more efficiently. They can focus their undivided attention on the patients. This arrangement is HIPAA-compliant if the provider has taken security measures and the patient is informed of this virtual assistance before the diagnosis begins. The “mute” option can be engaged if the physician or the patient needs to speak privately.

Getting Physicians to Focus on Patients

This offers a great value proposition for physicians and practices since they get to serve the needs of more patients and offer each of them better care thanks to the greater time and focus spent on them. And physicians do not need to sit long hours after the consultation sessions are over to finish their documentation. Outsourcing providers reduce errors in medical documentation including medical transcription, billing and coding which can help to reduce reimbursement delays for practices.

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