Cloud-based Transfer Improves Data Security and Confidentiality in Medical Transcription

In view of improved productivity and other benefits, most physicians and health care facilities are increasingly outsourcing their medical transcription work. However, a major worry is on maintaining the security and confidentiality of the patient data. To resolve this, established medical transcription service providers are taking several measures to safeguard sensitive client data with cloud-based solutions – hosted transcription services hosted through a secure Internet connection.

FTP servers are used for data storage and access. With the help of a username and password, clients can access the transcribed documents and make changes if needed. Here are the other benefits of the use of cloud-based technology for medical transcription:

  • Secure data transmission is assured. Safety with the transfer of any documents is guaranteed and HIPAA guidelines are met while sending, sharing and retrieving voice and data files over the Internet through authentication protocols, encryption, and stringent software-based security measures.
  • The technology infrastructure is scalable to meet customer demands. Easy integration to EMR/EHR is also possible with cloud-based solutions.
  • Improved accessibility of data is the highlight of this advancement. Easy interaction with co-workers is possible by simple sharing of data despite time and location.
  • Transcription would be simple to manage and execute when it is cloud-based, which in turn, enhances the efficiency of the overall process.
  • The healthcare facility that uses cloud-based transcription will experience great cost savings and higher return on investment within a short time. There is no need to purchase or maintain hardware and software as the cloud provider offers the user these resources and high scalability. Resources are flexible to meet changing client needs. This lowers risks especially during a time of peak demand.
  • As it is well structured, the transcribed documents are easily accessible within at any time, which improves information management.

Choose an established medical transcription company with a good track record to make the most of cloud-based services.