Advantages of Cloud-based Medical Transcription

Medical transcription companies use cloud-based technology to provide efficient solutions in customized turnaround time. The expression ‘cloud’ is used to depict hosted services delivered through a secure Internet connection. Web-based transcription solutions offer many advantages:

  • Secure transmission of data: With a cloud based HIPAA and HL-7 compliant system, all patient data and transcripts remain safe and confidential. The medical transcription company uses a secure FTP server or web-based encryption for the safe transfer of dictation and completed transcripts over the Internet.  Voice files for transcription are uploaded on the FTP server from where transcriptionists download them.
  • Well-organized and easy to retrieve: After the files are transcribed they are uploaded back on to the server. Each document is fully encrypted and digitally archived, so that the client can retrieve, view and even edit them.
  • Scalable: The cloud based transcription company can easily expand to the needs of the clients and can deliver scalable technology infrastructure for healthcare organizations. Cloud based solutions can also integrate to EMR/EHR.
  • Simple: The cloud based transcription service is easy to manage and implement. The service provider uses stats-of-the-art technology that simplifies and improves the efficiency of the transcription process.

A transcription system based on cloud technology will help you in save valuable time and money. You would not have to incur expenses on setting up an infrastructure for in-house transcription, hire expert transcriptionists, or worry about technology and software updates. Choose an efficient and reliable medical transcription company to make the most of a cloud-based documentation system.