Cardiology Transcription Service

Cardiology transcription, like other medical transcription services, serves the need of cardiologists, heart surgeons, and healthcare facilities dedicated to providing quality heart care services. With the requirement for these services on the rise, more and more cardiology transcription solution providers now offer professional and accurate cardiology transcription service.

Medical transcription companies have a skilled cardiology transcription team to provide error-free cardiology reports including progress notes, PCP reports, operative reports, chart notes, SOAP notes, discharge summary, history and physical reports, consultation notes and emergency room reports. They also transcribe cardiology associated diagnostic reports including stress thallium tests, 2-D echo, and more.

Cardiology Transcription Service – Easy, Efficient and Cost-effective

Healthcare professionals are offered digital recorder and toll-free number as convenient dictation options. These voice recorded files are accurately transcribed into text format by medical transcriptionists.

Cardiology transcription service providers make use of the best combination of skilled manpower, technology and techniques to ensure client satisfaction. Most of the leading medical transcription firms employ professionals who possess excellent verbal communication skills and memory power; records maintenance skill; skill to comprehend regional/national accents; outstanding computer typing skills; ability to sort, count and verify numbers with accuracy; proficiency in multiple report types and multiple specialties; knowledge and proper application of correct punctuation, grammar and capitalization rules.

Service Features

  • 99% accuracy level
  • Three levels of quality assurance
  • Fast turnaround time
  • HIPAA compliant transcription service
  • 24/7 technical support
  • HL7 transcription interface
  • Scans all documents using electronic medical dictionaries
  • Files are transferred via FTP or browser based transfer
  • Document flow management software for end-to-end tracking of data
  • Reliable service at competitive price
  • Full work modules available

Get Perfect Transcription Solutions for Your Needs

When choosing the right service provider, there are certain factors to be considered such as accuracy, flexibility and turnaround time of the transcribed documents.

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