The Benefits of Outsourced Digital Medical Transcription

The benefits of outsourced digital medical transcription are many which is why outsourcing has come to become a very popular trend with healthcare practices. The digital trend is quickly replacing paper-based processes, providing for greater ease and convenience in accessing important healthcare information.

How Digital Transcription Services Help You

Accuracy – The service provider would recruit only medical transcriptionists with exceptional English language fluency. In addition to their own training, the medical transcriptionists would use online resources such as medical dictionaries and spell checks to avoid errors. To ensure that they hear the dictation properly and therefore transcribe correctly, they use superior media and sound players and converters. These media enable regulation of speed and pitch for clarity. Add to all this, digital transmission of transcripts from transcriptionist to editor and finally to proofreader and the medical transcription outsourcing company is able to achieve accuracy levels of over 98%.

Conversion to Required Format – This is yet another boon of the IT and digital revolution. The transcripts can be converted to your desired format for electronic processing thereby enabling access into an MIS (Management Information System) such as EMR.

Secure and Reliable To and Fro Transfer – The digital revolution has made it possible for the healthcare practice/physician to securely pass on their files to the transcribing company through FTP or a browser with 256 bit AES encryption. The physician would even be recording his dictations in a digital dictation machine if not using the medical transcription company’s toll-free number. This company would send the completed medical records through the same media (FTP or secure browser).

Archiving – You can prevent loss or misplacing of valuable data when you enter into a business relationship with a transcription service provider.

  • They would save your dictations and completed transcripts for a fixed period of time and this matter would be available to you during this period.
  • It is easy to find a record based on parameters such as date of recording the dictation, date of service, patient name, MRN# or two or more of these parameters.

Implementation of EMR – With standards such as HL7 interface, your service provider can assist your healthcare practice in using EMR or EHR systems.

Cost Benefits – Whether digital or not, you can cut down transcription costs when you outsource. This is because you wouldn’t have to spend on equipment, training and software, working capital, transcription administration and things like that.

The Contribution of the BPO Industry is Great!

The benefits of outsourced digital medical transcription just go to show how the BPO industry has simplified medical documentation for the healthcare industry.

Julie Clements

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Joined the MOS team in March of 2008. Julie Clements has background in the healthcare staffing arena; as well as 6 years as Director of Sales and Marketing at a 4 star resort. Julie was instrumental in the creation of the medical record review division (and new web site); and has especially grown this division along with data conversion of all kinds.