Digital Transcription Services

Meet your most demanding digital transcription requirements with the support of MOS Medical Transcription Services. Our digital transcription services convert your audio or video files to text, using the latest speech recognition software and transcription technology.

Our medical transcription company provides fast and accurate medical transcription services for diverse medical specialties. All our audio video transcription services are compliant with HIPAA guidelines. We can transcribe your digitally recorded speech or written recordings with high quality, accurate transcripts that capture every word. Our transcription software includes noise cancelling features and a foot pedal for faster turnaround times, saving you time and hassle. Our speech to text service supports verbatim transcript of voice recordings, with options for various background noise levels and accents.

Partnering with us means you will have access to reliable digital transcription services for your video files, audio recordings and more.

Digital Transcription Services

Quick, Secure, and Accurate Transcription Digital Service Solutions

We ensure 30 to 40% savings on your operational costs. Our team has in-depth knowledge in medical terms and procedures. We make sure that the right person is handling the right account and continue to work on the same account to improve the quality.

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Secure File Transfer

We have the competence to convert audio files and video files into the digital media of your preference. The document is returned to you securely by:

  • Browser-based drop box
  • Secure FTP
  • EMR system or other software systems

We Support the Following Dictation Methods

  • Digital dictation machines
  • Toll free number
  • Secure cell phone dictation
  • Conference call recording

Commitment to Ensure Quality and Accuracy

  • 3 levels of checking by editors, proof-readers and medical editors to provide 99% accuracy
  • Fast and reliable transcriptions are done using software which includes:
    • Stedman’s Electronic Medical Dictionary along with the entire range of Stedman’s books
    • American Drug Index
  • Microsoft Word of MS Office 97/98 and 2000, WordPerfect 9. Sound / Media Players and converters such as GoldWave, Windows Media Player, DVIPS, WinAmp, MSV, ICS, DVF, DSS and PC Dart PlayAll, are all used that allow adjustment of pitch and speed, for more accurate transcription.

Highlights of Our Medical Transcription Services

Our document management system is a complete, powerful, and highly scalable solution package, designed specifically to meet your transcription needs.

  • Customizable interface to give the browser the look and feel of your hospital
  • Integrates toll free numbers and digital recorder use of digital recorders
  • Can be integrated to accommodate all transcription software or hardware requirements
  • Audio and document file archives
  • Reports on transcripts showing progress of each file
  • Allows the physician to modify dictation even during the transcription process
  • Searchable database. Ability to search archives and retrieve older files (depending on contractual agreements)
  • Instant message transmission to the transcription administrator or site administrator
  • Generate billing reports
  • Specify and monitor turnaround time requirements
  • Ability to listen and make changes on transcripts online
  • All transcripts can be downloaded, e-mailed, or faxed to any recipient
  • Electronic or digital signature (e-signature) capabilities
  • HIPAA-compliant logs of every activity

Just send your audio files, or video files we transcribe audio and video in the most secure & confidential way.

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