Benefits of Integrating Medical Transcription with EMR

When EMR (electronic medical record) was first introduced there was a belief that it would replace traditional medical transcription services. However, though EMR promotes a more structured and streamlined documentation process, physicians are finding it difficult to enter data into the system, especially during the patient encounter. The typing task left them with less time for patient care. The situation has been resolved to a great extent by integrating medical transcription with EMR. The benefits of this integration are as follows:

  • Speed and efficiency are the major highlight of integrating EMR with medical transcription. Busy physicians may not find enough time to type their notes into the EMR system. The dictation systems directly integrate the transcribed document into the system, thus saving time and improving physician productivity.
  • With direct insertion of data into the system, the workload of transcriptionists is seen as tremendously reduced. Discrete Reportable Transcription (DRT) allows the transcribed documents to be directly entered into the EMR of the specific medical practitioner.
  • It would be a waste of time and money if physicians had to spend their time on typing. The blended approach allows physicians to make use of the services of experienced transcriptionists from reliable medical transcription companies and benefit from efficient and cost-effective data entry.
  • The tendency of the physician to use the HER copy and paste function can result in errors in patient records, and even fraudulent billing and coding practices.  Such worries are avoided with integration.
  • When physicians spend time on data entry tasks, they can see only a fewer number of patients. By integrating EMR and medical transcription services, they time to see more patients, which improves practice productivity and revenue.

In general, the advantages of integrating EMR with medical transcription include

  • Enhanced quality reporting
  • Cuts billing cycles in half
  • Reduced risks for claims
  • Fast and accurate records

It is important to partner with right medical transcription company. Quality medical transcription services improve the possibilities and usability of the new software.