Speech And Voice Recognition Market Predicted To Expand Rapidly

Speech And Voice Recognition

Many industries use speech recognition technology to convert spoken audio into text. Speech recognition devices have the capability to respond to voice commands and transcribe audio recordings into reports quickly and efficiently. Physicians use the technology to transform dictation into text in real-time during
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How Can A Virtual Office Assistant Help A Medical Practice?

Virtual Office

Proper staffing plays a key role in helping medical practices provide a safe work environment for healthcare personnel and for safe patient care. However, healthcare staffing shortages, an impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, continue to be a concern for practices. Hiring virtual assistants can
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What Are The Benefits Of A Specialty-Specific EHR For Orthopedic Practices?

Orthopedic Practices

Orthopedics is one of the most complex medical specialties. From knee and hip replacements to sprains and fractures, orthopedic doctors provide treatment for a wide range of problems related to the musculoskeletal system. Other orthopedic surgeries are also becoming more frequent with an ageing
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How To Improve Productivity And Patient Care By Outsourcing Medical Transcription For Physicians

Outsourcing Medical Transcription

Physician burnout, also referred to as “physician fatigue”, is a state of emotional, mental, and physical exhaustion caused by long-term involvement in repetitive and emotionally demanding situations. Physician burnout has an impact on not just their work performance but also the quality of treatment
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Why Mental Health Transcription Services Have Greater Challenges

Mental Health

Mental health transcription plays a crucial role in the field of psychiatry. Providing transcription service to psychiatrists, psychologists and other mental health related professionals is different from medical transcription. It is important to understand that all mental health transcripts are sensitive in nature and
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