Global Electronic Medical Records Market To Witness Significant Growth Through 2021 – 2026

Electronic Medical Records

EMR or electronic medical record is the digitized version of paper records that stores all data related to a patient’s care under a particular doctor, such as demographics, progress notes, problems, medications and vital signs, past medical history, immunizations, laboratory data, and radiology reports.
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How To Evaluate Medical Transcription Productivity

Medical Transcription

Tracking time and productivity is important for any business. It helps managers gain insight on how everyone can improve their productivity levels, which in turn, will contribute to improved workflow throughout the organization. Productivity measurement is very important when it comes to evaluating medical
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How To Use Telehealth To Improve Health Outcomes And Safety


The rapid expansion of telehealth during the pandemic allowed many patients to access healthcare safely, regardless of time or distance. In April 2020, use of telehealth for office visits and outpatient care was 78 times higher than in February 2020, according to McKinsey. Outsourcing
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What Are The Requirements For Storing Physical HIPAA Documents?

HIPAA Documents

While most healthcare organizations have transitioned to electronic medical records (EMRs), there is still a significant amount patient records stored in paper format. Medical transcription companies turn audio records of physician dictation into text documents needed for patients’ medical charts, billing, insurance claims, and
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Online Transcription Tools Market To Witness Strong Growth By 2026

Online Transcription Tools Market

According to a report from Advance Market Analytics, the online transcription tools market is expected to witness strong growth by 2026. Transcripts of audio/video recordings are important to make text records of almost anything, improve the accessibility of online content, and to maximize SEO
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