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Emergency Rooms See Rise in Patients with E-scooter Injuries

The Emergency Room (ER) in a hospital or other healthcare organization witnesses daily inflow of people either hurt or ill and in need of immediate medical attention. Though the ER is an area of high stress for physicians and other … Continue reading

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How Free-standing Emergency Rooms Increase Healthcare Costs

Every hospital has an emergency room that provides health care services to patients without any prior appointment. It is one of the most important and busiest medical departments that provide immediate care to patients at the time of emergency. The … Continue reading

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Emergency Rooms Becoming More Reliable Than Seeing a Doctor

Emergency Rooms (ERs) designed to treat life-threatening illnesses are getting overcrowded now as more Americans are relying on ERs than visiting a doctor. A study published recently in the International Journal of Health Services has found that Emergency departments (EDs) … Continue reading

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