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Can EHRs Help Medical Practices Improve Diabetes Care? [Infographic]

With the implementation of electronic health records in medical transcription, physicians are now enjoying several benefits such as improved patient care, safety, efficiency, education, and timeliness. Several reports also indicate that use of EHRs in a practice can also improve … Continue reading

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Do Electronic Health Records Improve Diabetes Care?

With 1.4 million Americans diagnosed with diabetes every year, many endocrinology practices in the U.S. depend on electronic health record (EHR) integrated medical transcription services to manage the heavy influx of patients with this chronic condition. But do EHRs improve … Continue reading

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Electronic Lifestyle Counseling Documentation for Diabetes Care – An Analysis

When it comes to diabetes care, primary care settings can incorporate lifestyle counseling that focuses on helping people having diabetes adopt healthier eating habits and increase their physical activity. Many studies have proved that lifestyle counseling interventions can lower blood … Continue reading

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