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What to Look for When Choosing a Medical Transcription Service

The productivity and revenue of a healthcare practice, clinic or hospital depends greatly on quality documentation. Proper documentation of physician dictation is crucial for the quality and continuity of care and errors in documentation can have disastrous consequences. With the heavy influx of patients and grueling schedules, most healthcare providers depend on medical transcription services. However, choosing the right medical transcription company is crucial to the results. Here are some important things to look for when choosing a firm to handle your medical documentation tasks:

Quality: Accuracy is what matters most in a transcription service. A professional service provider would have a team of trained medical transcriptionists. They would be experts in transcribing everything from medical reports such as patient histories and physical reports, initial evaluation to consultation notes, follow up notes and health reports – with accuracy levels as high as 99 percent. These professionals would be also able to handle documentation for any medical specialty. If the physician speech-recognition software, the company would be able to provide services to edit and perfect these transcripts.

Turnaround Time: Next in the line is a turnaround time. There are companies offering 24-hour turnaround time, 12 hours or even less. Fast turnaround time may involve additional cost and if not properly handled, the output may lack in quality. Choose a provider than can deliver your transcripts in a turnaround time that can meet your specific requirements.

HIPAA Compliance: With HIPAA rules becoming even stricter, it’s crucial that the medical transcription takes all the necessary measures to safeguard your medical data.

Billing Methods: Look for a company that does not require you to sign a long-term contract of one or two years. Billing methods have changed and a better option would be to choose a partner that offers flexible short-term plans.

Electronic Records Compatibility: Documentation in electronic format is now considered essential to meet the present demands. It would be good to check with the provider can provide feeds to electronic health records (EHR). MS Word or rich-text (RT) is the most appropriate format for electronic file delivery. Some may offer the convenience of loading the files to the system directly.

Hidden Costs: Make sure that there are no hidden or extra costs included in the service.

It would be also useful if the company can deliver additional services you may need such as Setup and delivery customizations, EMR specific customizations, automated faxes to recipients, dictation by exception and so on.

Finally, asking for references will help you check out if the medical transcription company does adhere to its promises.

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