Why Use Transcription Along with EMR System

As the healthcare industry is growing, healthcare practices are implementing Electronic Medical Records (EMR). EMR-integrated transcription involves transcription, quality control checks, updating EMR systems, transferring and sending completed projects. In the traditional dictation – transcription model, doctors use digital recorders to dictate all patient details including diagnoses and treatment procedures. These recordings are later sent to providers of medical transcription services. They play a vital role in converting these audio files into transcripts for future reference. These records are also stored in digital format in computers, which medical professionals can access anytime. Now, with the arrival of the electronic health record, providers prefer to use EMR-integrated transcription to save documentation effort and time. The main advantages of partnering with an external agency for transcription assistance include productivity, accuracy and patient satisfaction achieved from having more time to interact with patients.

Why Use Transcription Along with EMR System

Here are some main reasons of using transcription service along with EMR /EHR systems:

  • Increases productivity and saves time

Patients are the primary source of revenue in a healthcare organization. If the physician is wasting a lot of time discussing patient history and making notes,it may lead to seeing fewer patients and decrease in revenue. Using an EMR system integrated with medical transcription will definitely increase the productivity of physicians and also save time.

  • Increases the accuracy level

Physicians often multi-task, and usually they dictate very fast and may even be vague. The medical transcriptionists doing the transcription perform a thorough quality check of the transcripts for possible errors. You can expect more than 99% accuracy in most reports they process. A medical transcription company providing EMR-integrated medical transcription will ensure that all the electronic health record template fields are filled accurately. Physicians can be ensured of efficient, complete, and accurate medical documentation.

  • Reduces the extra cost of data entry

Recruiting a medical transcriptionist for documentation purposes can reduce the operating cost of your organization because services offered by voice recognition systems are comparatively much costlier. By using medical transcription services along with the EMR system, you can also get reports done faster with fewer errors.

  • Helps in enhancing usability and making meaningful notes

Transcription with EMR system allows a physician to tell the complete story of a particular patient in very less time. Telling the complete story with dictation will clarify patient records and lead to more comprehensive charts, which can easily be used by medical billing personnel or other physicians.

Accelerate EMR Adoption in Your Health System

Medical transcription companies can transcribe the dictated reports with high accuracy and provide the necessary assistance when transitioning to the new system. Moreover, the advanced systems they use enable easy and orderly management of patient records. The electronic health record is here to stay. Hospitals, other health systems, physicians and other providers can make the best use of this system and enjoy tangible benefits.