What are the Five Cs for Quality Radiology Reporting? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Radiology reports are one of the main ways of communication between the radiologist and the ordering physician. These reports are also accessed by specialists such as neurosurgeons, neurologists, and orthopedic surgeons – who require the imaging results of a patient or use them as a reference. With the introduction of EHR, patients also access their radiology reports, which is also an important medico legal document. For all these reasons and more, diagnostic imaging or radiology reports must be accurate, detailed, and written in a way that they clearly interpret and communicate the findings. Radiologists should also fully proofread the report, verify it and review the images being reported before sending it out for transcription. However, errors in documentation can be avoided by outsourcing radiology transcription to a reliable medical transcription service provider.

In this infographic, we discuss the six Cs for a good radiology report.

Check out the infographic below

Radiology Reporting