US Based Medical Transcription Service Provider

All healthcare facilities have to manage a huge volume of medical records. Busy healthcare providers find it difficult to handle their documentation tasks and this often results in backlogs. The transcription services of an efficient US based medical transcription service provider can help medical practices resolve their medical documentation needs easily.

Provides Structured Medical Transcription Services

A US based medical transcription company is undoubtedly the ideal choice when it comes to the outsourcing of medical documentation tasks. The company would be able to offer quality transcription solutions that strictly adhere to US medical norms and regulations, especially HIPAA. Reliable medical transcription service providers in the US offer structured transcription solutions for a series of medical reports such as:

  • Consultation reports and clinic notes
  • Patient history and physical examination reports
  • Progress reports, discharge summaries
  • Follow-up notes, diagnosis reports
  • SOAP notes, operative reports
  • Scan reports, laboratory reports
  • Letters to referring physicians

Ensures Stringent Quality Assurance

Besides a team of professional transcriptionists, a US based medical transcription company also has QA personnel on board to ensure that the solutions it provides are highly accurate and fulfill mandatory standards. All the documents that are transcribed go through a three-level quality check. The other important benefits are:

  • 99% accuracy for transcribed reports
  • Convenient and flexible dictation options
  • Secure browser-based FTP for file transfer
  • Full workflow modules
  • Electronic signatures, HL7 compatible
  • Confidentiality and security for all medical records
  • 24/7/365 customer support and technical assistance
  • Competitive pricing
  • Customized turnaround time
  • Free trial options

With services that offer all these advantages, a US based medical transcription service provider ensures efficient documentation solutions for healthcare facilities. It helps them to avoid medical record backlogs and improves their workflow and productivity.