Medical Transcription Services Safeguard Practices from Legal Hazards

Medical Transcription ServicesQuality medical transcription services contribute towards safeguarding a healthcare practice from legal hazards. Certain things may be beyond the practice’s control such as an unexpected death despite the best medical intervention. Yet, some other things such as mistakes in healthcare documentation can be curbed and prevented to avoid minor or serious legal action.

How It Is Possible

Three important ways in which your medical transcription outsourcing company can help protect your practice are highlighted below:

Maintaining Consistent Accuracy – The medical transcriptionists in a reliable company would be experts in medical terminology, the structure and process of the human body, different styles and formats, and English language spelling, punctuation and grammar. If you require voice transcription services for a particular medical specialty, a team of transcriptionists that have experience in transcribing notes for that particular specialty would be entrusted with your project. It is thus possible to achieve a transcription accuracy of 98 percent and above. If the prepared medical records are of such precision, you have less cause to worry if a malpractice litigation issue should arise.

HIPAA Compliance – A HIPAA compliant service provider would ensure that patient information is protected. Measures they would have in place include:

  • Ensuring that no floppy disks or laptops are brought into the company quarters and that no information or CDs from the office are taken out
  • Providing password and anti-virus protection for computers
  • Keeping a fire extinguisher and smoke alarm
  • Maintaining computer system back-ups

HIPAA compliance can help to avoid complaints from patients pertaining to a breach of patient privacy.

Timely Completion – Timely completion of projects is something that can’t be compromised in medical transcription services. Timely completion ensures that physicians have whatever particulars they require to design a strategy for the patient’s care and treatment, on time. This again can help to prevent litigation.

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