Medical Transcription Outsourcing Companies Perform a Highly Specialized Service

Medical Transcription Outsourcing CompanyMedical transcription outsourcing companies carry out a highly specialized service. They transcribe whatever important details a doctor conveys in a dictation about interactions with various patients. This includes details about the patient’s history, medical condition, physical diagnoses, laboratory tests and procedures. They also perform the transcription process using specialized equipment such as a computer, headphones, medical spellchecker software, word processing software, medical specialty books, converters and sound/media players, foot pedals and medical dictionaries.

Medical Transcription Services – Application of Knowledge and Research

Medical transcriptionists undergo extensive training in medical terminology, English language, grammar, punctuation and style, physiology, laboratory test values and other aspects. Additionally, transcription services are offered for quite a wide range of medical specialties. So the medical transcriptionist engaged in transcription for a particular medical specialty would have got training in terms associated with that specialty. If medical transcriptionists find a particular dictation to be incomprehensible, they would use their own knowledge coupled with research using reliable resources to understand what the doctor said. If they are still left with words that they are not sure about, they can flag the incomprehensible portions for the doctor to fill in.

Error Spotting and Background Noise Filtering

The medical transcriptionists at medical transcription outsourcing companies are also capable of identifying errors in dictations and ensuring that the correct terms are used in the transcript. The doctor may have made an error owing to his fast-paced lifestyle and work-related stress which often cannot be avoided. Another specialized task medical transcriptionists perform is the filtering of background sounds from the dictation to make the dictation clearer to hear and therefore, easier to transcribe. Medical transcription service providers can also assist in the adoption of EHR or EMR utilizing the HL7 interface.