Tips For Effective Use Of Medical Dictation Software [INFOGRAPHIC]

Speech-to-text medical dictation or voice recognition software help providers to save time on typing or writing clinical notes, improve productivity, and access notes from any location. Providers just need to record and document interactions with patients on their mobile, laptop or workstation and speech-to-text tools can recognize spoken words, phrases and keywords and convert them into legible text. Good dictation practices are crucial to avoid transcription errors. Software-generated documents can be reviewed for accuracy with the help of an experienced medical transcription company.

There are diverse types of medical dictation software that work on all EHR platforms and come with a wide range of functionalities such as deep learning/neural net technology that adjusts to voice patterns. Popular medical dictation software include Mobius Scribe, Mobius Conveyor, Dragon Medical One, Amazon Transcribe Medical, WebChart MD, Winscribe Text and Express Scribe.

Check out the infographic below

Medical Dictation Software