Telemedicine Promoting Better Patient Care and Physician Productivity in an Affordable Manner

Telemedicine is one of the fastest growing trends in e-health and has become a new standard of care in medical practices, hospitals and other healthcare organizations in the U.S. The word ‘telemedicine’ literally means distance healing and involves the use of electronic communication systems to provide better patient Patients and physicians interact through video chat, email, the Internet, and cell phone applications, promoting better patient care and improving physician productivity in an affordable manner.

Types of Telemedicine
There are two types of telemedicine technology.

Store and Forward technology: this technology is used in telemedicine for capturing pictures through digital cameras or other means, which can then be stored and forwarded to locations anywhere in the world.

Two-way Interactive television (IATV): this technology is necessary when a patient needs to consults a primary care provider and a specialist. A video conference with the physicians allows patients to convey information about their issues and get treatment without delay.

Benefits of Telemedicine Technology

  • It helps physicians and patients cut down on travel. Physicians can save their valuable time. The service is especially beneficial for patients living in rural areas who find it difficult to travel long distances to see a doctor.
  •  With greater access to telemedicine, physicians can treat more patients in a shorter span of time, increasing their productivity and efficiency.
  •  Telemedicine is useful in difficult-to-access areas, helping patients there to benefit from quality treatment.
  •  Telemedicine allows healthcare organizations and physicians to improve patient reach, provide better care, reduce costs and expand in markets across the globe.
  •  Patients require only fewer visits to hospitals. This technology helps in the better monitoring and management of diseases.

The documentation of these telemedicine reports is also highly essential as the physicians need electronic copies of these recordings for reference at any time. A medical transcription company can assure accurate and timely medical transcription services for telemedicine. By outsourcing to a reliable transcription company, healthcare organizations and physicians can devote more time to providing better patient care.