Technology Applications of a Medical Transcription Company

A professional medical transcription company utilizes various kinds of technology to ensure that the transcription output is accurate and conforms to the client’s formatting and other guidelines. The application of technology can be seen right from the time the physician sends his dictations to the transcriptionist to the time when the transcription is complete and is delivered. Some of the technology applications of a medical transcription company are discussed below.

The Importance of Technology for Medical Transcription Service

Methods of Dictation – Consider the popular modes of dictation. Two commonly provided options are digital dictation machines and toll free number. In the former method, the medical information is dictated and recorded by the digital recorder. The data is downloaded to a local computer for use by the transcriptionists. In the second method, the physician would dictate through the telephone. The numbers provided facilitate direct dictation to the protected servers. After the physician has transferred his dictations, the transcriptionists use their own IT tools such as the computer and the internet to download the dictations and start the transcription process.

Software – Providers of medical transcription services in the US make use of different kinds of advanced software for benefits such as the following:

  • Voice capture
  • Word processing
  • Speech recognition
  • Speech processing
  • Quick editing
  • Document formatting
  • Audio playback
  • Document distribution
  • Electronic signature
  • Medical dictionary/spell check
  • Merging with other healthcare systems
  • Quick editing
  • Facility for insertion and exports
  • Convenient printing capability

File Transfer – The transfer of the transcription output is also technology based. It can be done using one of two methods – browser based transfer using the client’s internet browser or by way of secure FTP (File Transfer Protocol).


Technology is thus an indispensable aspect when it comes to quality transcription. A reliable medical transcription service provider can guarantee state-of-the-art solutions only with the support of the latest advanced technology. Ask your MT company about the technology utilized, and also make sure that the firm is HIPAA compliant before you outsource to it.