Specialty Specific Medical Transcription Services

Specialty Specific Medical Transcription ServicesSpecialty specific medical transcription services are fine tuned to meet the requirements of each medical specialty. What is significant about these services is that a separate pool of transcriptionists is assigned to the management of each specialty to ensure dedicated transcription services. Transcription service is provided for cardiology, chiropractic, anesthesiology, family practice, gastroenterology, pain management, pediatrics and all other specialties and sub specialties.

Medical Transcription with Focus on Your Particular Specialty

When considering outsourcing your transcription requirements, look for a company that provides customized services. A medical transcription company that offers specialty-specific transcription would have staff trained in specialty specific terminology, medical reports, document formatting and abbreviations. E-dictionaries and online resources catering to each medical specialty would be readily put at the disposal of the transcriptionists to look up doubtful terminology. Moreover, reputable companies also provide regular training programs for their staff to keep them up-to-date in all relevant details. So, with such a reliable company as your partner, you gain access to qualified and experienced professionals as well as the latest technology without heavy investment on your part.

Medical Transcription Outsourcing – Advantages

Outsourcing your medical transcription can bring many advantages, apart from the benefits of time and cost savings. When the transcription is regularly done by your partnering company, you get more time to devote to patient care and thereby enhance patient satisfaction. Many established companies offer affordable rates, often up to 30 to 40% lesser than existing market rates. Here are some of the other benefits you can expect.

  • Maximum security for patient data
  • Medical transcription using the latest equipment and software
  • Three levels of quality assurance
  • Convenient dictation options – digital recorder and toll free telephone number
  • Customizable TAT
  • Web based electronic signature and secure web based document transfer
  • 24X7 access to your information over secure server from anywhere in the world
  • Strict compliance with HIPAA rules and regulations
  • Complete audit trail of all processes is readily available
  • EMR integration with popular EMR applications clients subscribe to

How to Select a Reliable Company to Partner with

The company you choose should be one that will work as a virtual extension to your practice. It should provide medical transcription services fine tuned to meet your specific specialty requirements. You can test drive the services of the medical transcription company by checking out the free trial offer provided. Carefully go through client testimonials and find who the company’s clients are. Learn everything about the company from the information provided on the website, or by calling one of their customer care representatives and talking to them. If you are able to identify the right company for your needs, you stand to enjoy the many benefits of outsourcing medical transcription.