Significance of Accuracy in the Transcription Report

People who know the real significance of medical transcription in the healthcare industry would never describe it as an ‘easy typing job’. Professionals who carry out medical transcription need to have special skills. In addition to excellent typing speed and accuracy, they need to have good listening skills, powers of comprehension, and an in-depth knowledge of medical jargon and terminology. The ability to understand strong accents and grammar proficiency are added advantages.

Accuracy is paramount and related to not just using the correct words but also conveying the right meaning as meant in the dictated report. The best way to ensure accuracy in a report is to check for the following

  • Misspelling
  • Incorrect use of medical and English words
  • Patient information errors
  • Many flags
  • Omitted dictations
  • Incorrect verbiage usage
  • Incorrect format protocol

In a professional medical transcription company, the editor in charge would check the documents thoroughly to see that they meet the accuracy level, which could be as high as 99%. Compromising on accuracy will have devastating consequences for the physician and the patient. It is the prime responsibility of a transcribing professional to deliver error-free reports – even in the face of challenges such as slow or rapid speech, difficult accents, or mumbling. With a reliable medical transcription company that has a team of qualified, trained, and experienced transcriptionists, physicians can be ensured of quality medical transcription services.