Importance of Radiology Transcription and How Outsourcing Is Advantageous

Radiology Transcription Outsourcing AdvantagesRadiology refers to the study of radiation-emitted images to diagnose or treat a disease seen within the body. It helps to pinpoint a patient’s condition and provide treatment before the condition gets much worse. With radiology transcription, high quality and accurate transcripts of radiologists’ reports can be obtained for better diagnosis and treatment. It is important for the physicians to receive radiology transcripts as quickly as possible to ensure quicker and better treatment.

Transcription in this field is focused solely on radiology procedures. Radiologists document patient actions in response to radiology procedures or treatments the patient is undergoing at the moment. They are also entrusted with the safekeeping of sonograms, ultrasounds and X-rays. Sometimes radiologists will also have to maintain the medical records of chemotherapy patients along with the rest of those who receive radiology treatments.

Following are some of the popular scanning technologies used by radiologists:

  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging or MRI
  • Computerised Tomography or CT scan
  • X- Rays
  • Ultrasound

Radiologists maintain records related to these studies that are referred to by other treating physicians.

Key Skills Radiology Transcriptionists Must Have

A radiology transcriptionist has a very important role to play with regard to the preparation of accurate radiology reports. He/she must have the capacity to note down each detail clearly understanding and conveying what the physicians have observed. A good transcriptionist will have the following capabilities.

  • Knowledge and insight of medical conditions and processes
  • Good experience with transcribing radiology dictations
  • Keen listening skills
  • Strong typing and report production skills
  • Should work well under pressure and within the required time limits
  • Be familiar with various medical practice software

Radiology transcripts are created and maintained in different formats in different healthcare organizations. It is important to ensure that the following details are available in the transcripts.

  • Background of the case
  • Methods of diagnosis
  • Details about the imaging technologies
  • Views, opinions and process of observation
  • Findings of the case

Medical Transcription Outsourcing for Radiology

Accurate documentation of radiology reports is very essential for making the correct clinical decision. Private practices, clinics and hospitals all rely on professional medical transcription service companies to some extent. Big hospitals and clinics may have in-house support for transcription, but urgent situations may come up when extra support is needed. This is where an experienced medical transcription company provides valuable assistance. It is important to choose a provider that can ensure error-free, timely transcripts. You also get to enjoy other benefits such as the following:

  • Receive customized transcripts in short turnaround time
  • Improve productivity and efficiency with quick access to the medical reports
  • Save costs when there is no need to hire in-house transcriptionists, and invest in infrastructure
  • Transcripts can be obtained in any desired file format
  • Security ensured to keep all entrusted information protected at all times
  • Accuracy ensured with stringent multilevel quality checks

The demand for transcription services is much more consistent and long-term for private practices because they are usually small and may find it too expensive and impractical to maintain an in-house transcription team. Transcription companies sensitive to the requirements of clients provide flexible service options to suit what they need, whenever they need it.