Quality Control and Healthcare Documentation

Delivering the “Best Quality” has become one of the greatest challenges in the new millennium. It doesn’t matter which the industry may be, everyone struggles to be the best!

The healthcare industry needs to meet the desired standards of quality and accuracy in documentation and therefore there is an increasing demand of medical transcription day by day. The HMOs, accreditation boards and government offices now call for maximum quality at minimum cost.

In the case of transcription, excellence and quality play a more significant role than quantity. Therefore professional medical transcriptionists single-mindedly work to ensure accuracy in data and quality of documents.

What Medical Transcription Companies Regularly Do

Reliable medical transcription companies implement diverse quality control measures and follow state-of-the-art documentation procedures to accomplish their goal. For more accurate transcription, all the transcribed document reports are processed through:

  • Three levels of checking by editors, medical editors and proofreaders for 99% accuracy.
  • All transcriptions are performed using Software such as:
    • American Drug Index
    • Stedman’s Electronic Medical Dictionary along with the complete range of Stedman’s books
  • Utilizes Microsoft Word 97/98 and 2000, WordPerfect 9, sound / media players and converters such as Windows Media Player, GoldWave, DVIPS, MSV, WinAmp, DVF, ICS, DSS and PC Dart PlayAll for the adjustment of pitch and speed.

Quality Is What Really Matters!

Quality can be achieved through a well-planned set of actions designed to meet the expectations of the end-user. The quality control program for healthcare documentation aims at assuring clear, accurate, timely, and consistent patient care documentation that satisfies all documentation requirements. These documents will be a model for the implementation of the quality assurance program compatible with hybrid EHR record systems, paper-based medical records, and electronic health record systems.