Pricing for Medical Transcription Services

Pricing for Medical Transcription Services
One of the factors that have to be considered when choosing a provider of medical transcription services is the pricing plan. A comparison of different pricing plans would help you make the right choice. In addition you would:

  • Learn the difference in ways service providers define a line
  • Find a vendor that can provide certain services free of cost
  • Judge whether outsourcing to a particular company would really save costs

Individualized Pricing Schemes

Prices differ according to factors such as medical specialty, quality, upload frequency and quantity of audio files. Providers have different rates for digital audio, telephone dictation, and cassette medical transcription.

Professional medical transcription outsourcing companies offer their customers tailored pricing plans. They wouldn’t charge any set-up fees. A common method of pricing is that based on the AHDI (The Association for Healthcare Document Integrity) model of 65 character line billing. Pricing can also be done on a per-character basis. Some companies would charge for underlining, bolding, headers or footers while some wouldn’t. The pricing for a particular project would vary with volume, expected turnaround, dictation quality, medium through which dictation was submitted, Document Management System Flow requisites and specialty requirements. Some providers offer discounted rates when you request volume medical transcription services.

You Have to Make the Right Choice

To make the right choice of service provider, consider three important factors: enhanced productivity, quick turnaround and cost. The right provider can save you up to 30%-40% on the cost of medical transcription services.