Podiatry Transcription Service

An increased demand for podiatry transcription service results in the rise in podiatry transcription service providers. Experienced and recognized firms associated with podiatry transcription provide flexible and convenient solutions to several healthcare facility centers, ranging from large hospitals to small clinics.

Services Ideal for Transcribing Various Medical Records

The HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) compliant podiatry transcription service providers transcribe the voice recorded files or dictations made by healthcare professionals into medical reports, in various electronic formats. These records could be diagnostic procedure notes, emergency reports, operative notes, laboratory reports, office notes, ER reports, clinic notes, or SOAP notes. Dictations are captured by way of digital recording devices, computer dictation process, or toll free dial-in service. The voice recorded files in any format including MOV, ASF, RM, WMV, MPG, AVI, SWF, ASX, DIC, and extended audio formats such as MP3 and WMA are also accepted for transcription.

Latest Technologies and Sophisticated Infrastructure

Today, medical transcription companies are equipped with current and evolving technologies, and an efficient team of transcriptionists, to handle varied podiatry transcription needs at quick turnaround times. There are also editors, proofreaders, and quality analysts, to ensure output with high accuracy.

Secure and High Quality Podiatry Transcription Service Features

  • Three levels of quality checking
  • Transcriptions are done using software such as Stedman’s Electronic Medical Dictionary and American Drug Index.
  • High levels of security since the files are transferred via FTP (File Transfer Protocol) and browser based transfer.
  • Quality technical support.
  • Competitive pricing.

Discover the Right Solution Provider

People looking for high quality podiatry transcription service should consider factors such as accuracy, cost-effectiveness, and HIPAA compliance to make the right choice. Outsourcing would help them spend more time with their patients, reduce overhead costs, eliminate the drawbacks of paper-based service, and improve productivity and profitability.